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+ The Wind Of Despair +

+ Through Hollow Blue Eyes +

+[x -- Burnsides + A Xaldin Fan Community -- x]+
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Welcome to Burnsides, a Xaldin Fan Community.

+; ABOUT ;+

Ths fan community's all about one thing: The Whirlwind Lancer; Number III; Xaldin.

Here we either worship, like, adore, fangirl, fanboy, love the lancer to bits and pieces. No questions asked. So, if you're one or all of the choices given, come and join the community and share the stabs!

+; RULES ;+

Xaldin likes order, doesn't he? So let there be rules. Otherwise, expect a few lances shoved down your throat.

I; Since this is a fan community, there should be no Xaldin bashing. Infact, no character bashing at all. Comments and criteria's accepted, but flames aren't. Please, throw your tantrums and screams somewhere else. It's not appreciated in this community.

II; Please put spoilers behind an lj-cut. There may be some virgin eyes reading in.

III; Heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, and asexual pairings are allowed.

IV; Fan-related things like fanart and fanfiction's always welcome! Just please, put it behind an lj-cut. It might flood or make the community messy, in a bad way.

V; Like fanfiction and fanart, please keep things like icons, amv's, music, items and etc. under a cut. As stated, it might mess up or flood the community.

VI; No l33t language please. We're all sane about the typoing, but insane about Xaldin. Please, let's keep our sanity no matter how little is left.

VII; Please keep all things Xaldin-related. Anything off-topic will be deleted.

Much appreciated!

+; MODS ;+

Don't be shy. We don't bite much! If you have any questions about the community, contact us!

name x; Iris the Shooty Mod
journal x; rixis
aim x; Auryukku

name x; Seraphim the Stabby Mod
journal x; estranger
aim x; Vincent Hojo

+; CREDIT ;+

I(rixis) stole borrowed the profile code from rivalry and edited it. :) The banner above was created by the mod estranger. Please don't steal the banner or else, kthx. Background by: tsukinoyagami DO. NOT. Use. Without. Permission.


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Want to be affiliated with burnsides? Contact one of the moderators through AIM or e-mail.

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