W.A.R. (estranger) wrote in burnsides,

First Entry!

+ Welcome one and All! +

This is the Xaldin ONLY Fan community! And it's a pleasure to have you here joined with us to fawn, gush, adore, and honor Organization XIII's Number III!

Some may wonder here why one would be so fond of a character given so very little air-time. From playing the game, they give Xaldin to you pretty straight-forward.

He's regal with a definite sense of nobility and a tongue as sharp as a mastered double-edged sword--and just as fluidly handled. His mere power of word incites rage, vehemence, and sorrow.. corrupting and consuming till one is left helpless to his will. However his prowess in word does not belie his strength.. far from it. He's revered as Kingdom Hearts' most difficult bosses..

Lightning quick in his actions without a moment's hesitation, he will cut one down and dice one up like a cyclone of razors. This alone shows that underneath his stolid demeanor, lies a wrathful beast inside... Though unlike Saix, his berserker rage takes on less of a physical transformation..

We here find Xaldin to be revered. And of course, not to mention distinguished.. From his cord-braided hair and thick pick-axe brows.. to his hollow electric blue eyes.. and entrancing serpentine mouth.. Down to his most infamous features: His axe-like Burnsides.

It was interesting to see such a unique design in Square's femme-boy world.. And it was much appreciated to see a clear figure of virility such as Xaldin, grace the screens.

If you two agree with these points, then I bid you to be our accomplices! And dance fondly in the Wind of Despair. ♥

Feel free to post fanfics, drabbles, icons, fanart, critique, gushing, adoration, and comments all pertaining to our favorite Organization member. All your contributions are greatly appreciated!

-Seraphim cyclone_lancer
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